Product Review: SULU MAX GRO

Friday, November 9, 2007

So yesterday I received my Sulu Max Gro in the mail and I used it last night. It took me a while to mix the contents in the bottle. When I took the top off the bottle the smell wasn't the greatest but it was not anywhere near as bad as the MTG! So I was happy about that. I did my normal routine and applied it to my scalp and went to sleep. This morning at 0645 I'm sitting at work and I can’t smell a THING! So far this Sulu stuff is okay with me. I plan to use it for a lil while to see how much growth I can get. *Crossing Fingers*
I was hesitant to use this product but I saw MissB on BHM got a decent amount of growth in one month so the P.J'ism in me couldn't resist. Thanks Miss B!
... I will texlax in Feb 08 so I'll post pictures then unless my hair grows 2 inches in one month!
Now ladies... This product goes against my rules of ingredients. It contains:

• Mineral Oil• Sulfur• Glycerin• Zinc Stearate• Oil of Cade • Fragrance

I try to avoid mineral oil and oil of cade but on the bottle it claims it's rectified. I know, I know you cant believe what the manufacture says but if this is indeed just like the regular MTG then I'll have to break the rules a little. In case some of you don't know MTG is a product made for horses but was originally formulated for humans. Some women like to use it as a growth aide. It's works too! Myself and ladies on BHM and LHCF have claimed to received alot of growth with the MTG. And if you don't believe it...just go check out the postings on BHM and LHCF that praise MTG. Anyway its Laboratory and DERMATOLOGIST TESTED so I will see what kind of results I get. **Crossing fingers** This product can be found at Sulu Max for $11.95 for a 8 oz bottle. The MTG can be found at MTG . But warning ladies if you have to be around a large crowd use it lightly!

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Wheres the pics for the Sulu Max Gro?

July 26, 2010 at 6:41 AM

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