JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Here are a couple of things I bet you didn’t know about JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil):

Black Castor Oil is a powerful healing oil that has withstood the test of time. It is the end result of an ancient method used in preparing and making castor oil. The fatty acids and phytochemicals found in Jamaican Black Castor Oil address many health and beauty conditions. A bottle can serve as a hair and scalp conditioner; a skin moisturizer and healer; a massage oil for aches, pains, fibroids and lumps in the breasts; a powerful laxative and can be used as fist aid for cuts, wounds and burns. It is also excellent for dry, chapped hands and feet.

Black castor oil seals moisture in the hair with a protective coat. It’s also the only oil in nature with ricinoleic acid. It helps to destroys viruses, bacteria, yeast and molds that cause many skin problems. Black Castor Oil also helps to remove uric acid from body, the source of many inflammations.

When you purchase a bottle of JBCO make sure it’s in a dark bottle. Oils tend to lose their freshness and potency when they are exposed to direct light as a result of being in clear bottles.They also risk being contaminated by toxins if placed in regular plastic bottles.

History on JBCO:

The castor oil plant originated in Ethiopia and later spread throughout the rest of Africa. It’s believed that it was the ancient Egyptians that first started to make black castor oil. They roasted the beans then through a tedious hand processed method the ultra pure light brown to dark brown oil is extracted (black castor oil). The seeds and method of making black castor oil eventually reached Jamaica via African slaves whose descendants today still make and use it as their ancestors.

When used on micro braids your scalp will be very moisturized and soft. Make sure you wash your braids regularly when using this stuff to prevent buildup at the base of the braid.


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